1. They did a similar action for ordinary love on the last tour. But nothing was done with it
  2. Blessed are the U2.com fan initiatives, for they never see the light of day.
  3. Blessed is the website wayback,
    Because it contains amateurish, innacurrate setlist info from the early 80s.
  4. Blessed are journalist who cover U2 every 4 years,
    For they check U2 fansites for tour history in their small market towns.
  5. Blessed are us all for being able to experience,
    Blessed are us all for being here a short while.
  6. Blessed are the U2.com subscribers, for one day they will receive the 2017 end-of-year musical surprise

  7. Exactly the reason why I put zero effort in it. (That and not needing to be in the spotlight like that anyway)
  8. On the other hand... this topic is sort of fun.
  9. Blessed are the haters for having internet to express their feelings 24/7
  10. Blessed are the teachers, for the more they teach, the more they realize they have to learn.