1. Hi, guys!

    We're pleased to launch the Collaborative DVD The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 - Live From Sao Paulo, a U2 Brasil project that records the best images of the four shows held in October and brings a very special 26-minute documentary about the saga of Brazilian fans and the band's passage through the country.

    Watch on Youtube:

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    | Documentary |

    To download it, access: www.dvd.u2br.com

    Hope you enjoy it
  2. That's a truly impressive production Well done everyone involved. Kudos!
  3. thx for dvd
  4. Thanks very much for this!
  5. Going to post just for the official record here...

    This production used my audio recordings without my permission. In fact, I had deliberately told Vetri and at least one other person from the U2BR crew to use other audio and exclude mine.

    My reasons are two fold. One, I took Vetri is kind of a jerk, as evident by the repeated temper tantrums he's had online (although you could say I'm doing the same thing with this post, so I'm aware of the irony). I know of one other local Brazil taper that ran an audience recording who feels the same way. Second, I spend a lot of time on the audio and didn't want the high quality audio associated with a project with pretty low quality sources (cell phone video and audio). In short, I was pretty clear in my request to exclude my audio from this compilation project.

    Well sure enough, Vetri used it anyways. He used the direct audio for a Facebook trailer, and I messaged him not too. He replied "Well your info file said no YouTube video and such, this is facebook." Right. And now the full release is out, and I hear my iem/aud mix all over it.

    What's even worse, and goes to the core of why I decided against collaborating, was he took my audio and mixed in cell phone audio on top. I doubt he was trying to disguise the original audio (the audio lineage in info file states IEM/AUD), but likely trying to add more crowd noise. In any case, that's a horrible way to mix audio and should be done from the source. It confirms my belief that the quality control of this project is poor (not to mention the inconsistent audio quality and out of sync shots I noticed), and I was right not to collaborate.

    I knew there was a likely chance he would steal my audio anyways once I released. What's done is done, and I don't regret releasing my mix as a bookend souvenir of the tour. But I just want to air my official grievance against Vetri and the U2BR crew for what I consider a jerk move. Hope it was worth it for you guys.
  6. D*ck move . I'm sorry. Hoserama.

    That's just stupid.
    Vetri should fucking man up. And not be all "oh you didn't say facebook.... " Like wtf. How is he. 4??

    Sucks that there has to be this kind of a negative story behind something fanmade. Using audio without permission is stupid. You went to a lot of trouble to tape it, anyone should respect that.
  7. I didn't even get a mention in the credits!
  8. Ugh. That’s horrible. Have you let other U2br people know? Let me share this with someone I know.
  9. I messaged the original poster on this thread. He was one that messaged me 5 months ago, and stated he would tell Vetri to exclude my audio.

    If the U2BR crew as a whole didn't know about this, then I have no quarrel with them. I might advise them to plan their projects a little differently next time, but that's a different issue. At very least, Vetri knew what he was doing.
  10. many thanks indeed
  11. Many ppl in other parts of the world don't respect intellectual property rights. Just saying.
  12. I hear what you're saying, but I'll just say that I've seen folks from all parts of the world steal audio for their own purposes. In the case of bootleggers, I know they don't care about the source and just looking to profit. This case is more disappointing, because it's a U2 fan (maybe a group, that's to be determined) intentionally acting against another U2 fan.