1. Artwork for Dublin 2018
  2. Looks great thanks!
  3. anybody Back cover from Dublin 4 Matrix
  4. Remy! We need to make Dublin4 covers!
  5. The Templates are no longer available - can you please re-post?
  6. @DutchU2Fan Have you got your covers still?
  7. I was about to comment on this thread about this, but I have a lot of covers as photoshop files and because I didnt had a job before I had no photoshop, but since I have a job now for a few months I have bought a photoshop subscription so when I have the time I will share them with you, maybe change some I dont like, so expect to see them for EI and JT 17 soon, if people want I can make for JT19 as well after that
  8. Any updated work for the Manchester shows?
  9. Originally posted by ELIZIUM:[..]
    They are clearly audible but have a feeling they may be mono recorded which is why I have left them alone to mention until now.

    @BigGiRL and @ELIZIUM, what ever happened to these Lisbon recordings?
  10. Hello hello!
    Has anyone 2CD jewelcase covers for the i+e Paris and/or e+i Berlin "soundtracks"?
    Thanks for an answer and greetings from germany!