1. Of course. But the huge majority of French people behaved impeccably. Well done France.
  2. i also have to question Pussy Riot's timing for disrupting the game. It seems as though Croatia winning would have been more of an allegoric insult on top of their message. Why intervene when Croatia had possession and was gaining momentum?
  3. Have you seen this:

    The woman just... steals the gold medal in front of Infantino, Putin, Macron, etc. WTF?
  4. Originally posted by blueeyedboy:[..]
    That's awesome! And I'll bet it was peaceful, joyous and no riots or looting broke out!

    And congrats to Luka Modric... class act.
    Nope, no riots. It was the biggest get-together in out history. 550.000 people welcomed our team.

    Our population is little bellow 4 million, sooo...