1. Just started this morning!!!! Loving it..... a 24 hour U2 channel... my customers be warned!!!!
  2. Yes! This is good. Hope they mix the years up with more album tracks.
  3. I wish this would be permanent. Between Howard Stern, pj channel, Beatles channel, Tom Petty channel now u2? Cmon
  4. Maybe with a nudge with emails to Sirius it could be a permanent staple
  5. Love that version of the BTBS. "We take the first floor to the first floor!" LOL!
  6. Looks like they're giving tickets away for the Appollo show on the channel, but you need to provide your own transporation to get to NYC.
  7. ok... I love that they're doing this, I want to listen to this, and I want that this to become permanent... but... what's really the point "for us"? are they broadcasting something we don't already have? or is it just like going to your U2 library and hitting "random"?