1. None.

    Had they been playing Tulsa OK that night, it would have been announced in Tulsa. Had they been playing London England that night it would have been announced in London. It just happened that the band was in Japan...

    It was announced when it was because the band was starting to sign contracts with people who would be working on the station and providing content. News of the station would have leaked rapidly at that point...
  2. This may be overstepping, but does anyone have an archive of expired content? I'm a subscriber but I just missed the Lanois 'Close to the Edge' before it was taken down. I would love to hear that.
  3. I have a feeling it will come back. They had every single episode of Close To The Edge up there at one point just a short time ago. Give it a few weeks or a month and I'll bet they'll all come back again.
  4. I think tonight's episode of Discotheque (an episode full of mostly Oscar-winning and -nominated music) was probably the most Paul Oakenfold has ever talked. He actually introduced most of the songs. And while there were some similarities, it was definitely different than the movie music episode he did a few months ago.

    Anyway, after 8 months, there's finally going to be a new episode of Bono Calling on Tuesday! And it's actually going to be "Bono and Adam Calling", and they'll be talking to Chris Blackwell, the founder of Island Records.
  5. U2 needs Lanois back
    interview with Pharrell
  6. is anyone on this chat who has done a guest DJ on Sirius XM?
    if so can you tell me how they contacted you after your submission?
    I really enjoy listening to the fans tell their stories when announcing their 5 favorite songs
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