1. July 1st it comes out

    Edit: oops @welsh_edge already posted that lol
  2. Shit! The U2 Facebook group post & SiriusXM tweet are no longer available, regarding U2X. Hmm. I did a Google search and nothing came up today for news. I hope July 1st is still the date.

    Even more important than content is to have some sort of schedule like Pearl Jam radio does. They have concerts at least 3 times a day on the same 2 hour blocks.

    And I also highly recommend downloading the SiriusXM app, so you can listen wherever you go. It also can pause the live feed, if you need to go to run an errand etc. It also features a schedule that took me a few days to find. Excited for some live concerts!!!
  3. Originally posted by guykirk9:I’m heard a lot of this today, drove from Jersey back to DC and they said it’s coming soon. Also heard “Beat the Brat” which is a Ramones cover by them that I’ve never heard. Must be from like Achtung or Zooropa idk. Then they played a live help cover by U2 from like 87-89 I bet (didn’t say the year) but I was so happy to hear a live song by U2 on Sirius because that means we might be getting some crazy stuff. Also heard like 4x the U2 stuff as usual today, they are pumping that channel hard.

  4. Are there any official links?
  5. My suspicion is it will be on channel 32. There is another unnamed channel on there this afternoon that is playing an 80’s on 8 countdown.
  6. Confirmed channel 32. If you have the SiriusXM streaming app It lists the channel as starting tomorrow at 3pm ET.
  7. 🥳
  8. Did i really just read that Edge is basically making some U2 radio jingles?!
  9. please delete
  10. Article says nothing about nothing ... as usual Edge is deflecting questions about various things that we just know they will NOT do as a band , like releasing countless live recordings , no new unreleased songs will get a spin from the ‘vault’ except B sides from singles in the 90s which the casual or curious fan will love but diehards will all roll their eyes collectively as we would have heard them all. Tracks like ‘Baby Face’ and ‘Daddy’s Gonna Pay for Your Crashed Car’ will get a run sure but that’s the sorta thing to expect , not unheard unreleased studio stuff !!!

    His comments about ( i’m paraphrasing here ) keeping the quality right up there simply means nothing that hasn’t been worked on or produced in a studio with edges handy work all over it won’t see the light of day.

    The Edge is too anal for his own good and for the good of the band. Everything this band does these days has to polished to within an inch of its life !

    The Zoo Tv anniversary idea will NOT happen. He sounded far from convincing by saying “ not on the actual anniversary” proves this what are they going to have a ‘31 and a half year’ anniversary tour .. FFS !? Boring!