1. Even U2.
  2. So it turns out Woody really loves Mofo.

    Also, Edge really loves people who praise Pop.
  3. Yeah he does. I believe we will get some pop on next tour.
  4. What did Edge say about the legacy of Pop?
  5. Probably a snippet of Discoteque at the end of Vertigo will be about as much as they will do.
  6. Pop is the most powerful, the darkest, and the most adventurous U2 album. Fucking love it, a shame we don't get any of it anymore live

  7. The Guy Garvey guest DJ was great to hear/record.

  8. Another great show from Gavin Friday has found it's way into the archive. Looking forward to these every month. Another should be due quite soon I hope. Wonderful!

  9. These broadcasts have been great to hear/record. Let us hope we get a Super Deluxe box set of this album at some point in the future (2022 being a good choice of release for obvious reasons).

  10. Great to hear Gavin Friday's recollections in this broadcast. Another recording for the archive.
    Can't wait for the Cedarwood Chronicles to be broadcast.