1. Been a lurker on here for years.....
    Wife and I are mad fans since Joshua Tree Album was released the year we met and fell in love. Saw the LoveTown tour and have seen nearly every tour together since then.
    Missed Pop tour in the middle of the having kids haze.
    Last few years we have had to travel as tours to Australia don't happen any more.
    I&E in London, JT30 in Amsterdam and this year E&I Milan.

    Have been a periscope addict for a couple of years, every concert and absolutely love the interaction with other fans on that app. So cool.

    Anyway. Hi all from down under.....
  2. Welcome Greg
  3. Hi....you guys deserve some gigs ! 2019 or late this year surely !

    We met some Aussies in Amsterdam last year outside the U2 Hotel
  4. Yes, Amsterdam we sadly did not know about the recording of Blackout and were devastated knowing we were in town. Didn't go to their hotel but will be in Milan.....

    Desperate for Aussie tour. We would do the East Coast, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Dream is to see them in Ireland one day, might have to be the next tour !
  5. Hi and welcome! Have fun in Milan !!!!!
  6. Have a good time in Milan