1. Anyone got a DVD cover for this?

  2. Was Macphisto actually in the audience or was the VFX team having some fun? (screen shot from The Blackout)
  3. Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. Looks too good to be a fan made thing. But maybe it was?
  4. I noticed it too, was way in front of Edge but this looks CGI ;p
  5. It's someone with a mask, you can see him later too.
  6. Computer-generated imagery !
  7. So here's an interesting tidbit, I had three videos from the old tv broadcast of berlin on my youtube page, acrobat, new years day and love is bigger. they were taken down today. with a copyright claim by "eagle rock". if you dont know who that is, they produce music dvds and blu rays, usually under the radar stuff or shows by more legacy artists like Aerosmith, Garbage, Stones. Does that mean they're producing the fan club dvd or are they preparing their own release eventually?
  8. In The Stones arena it's always the same story. I would guess that yes that's the reason why. Plus, they're probably a little upset it was shared so quickly. Then again they probably should have realized that. Anyhow, they can depend on us fans to buy it.
  9. first copies on ebay.....18euro

  10. I wouldn't be worried because with the way mail is working now we'll probably get the official product first.