1. I just noticed the 'box effect' employed on EI DVD was also used in this Thompson Twins video back in the 80's.

  2. Blu ray version of Berlin.

  3. Well done. Too bad you aren't allowed to have friends over to watch it!
  4. when will this be on youtube? IE and 360 are there, but not this!
  5. Got my digital 4K version mixed with DVD audio tracks....guess as that's as good as it will get.

  6. Which Software did you use?
    I tried zur same but failed.
  7. This effect is called splitscreen, and it is very old fashioned..
    No one who’s trying to make a cool film is using this nowadays
  8. The TT uses splitscreen with blue lining.
  9. In 1972, an unknown film director named Martin Scorsese did already use the so called split screen technology for the famous Elvis documentary „On Tour“ ;O) It was a real blast at that time - and to me personally it still is. Timeless. Of course it could be recognised as U2s homage to the King of Rock and also to one of the best film makers in history.