1. @LikeASong is probably suffering from a severe case of setlist-blues, I guess

    I look forward to the DVD though

    Both nights in DC seemed really tight and should make a great DVD.

    I do, however, predict that it's not going to feature ABOY...
  2. only me think that they resolved to make a dvd too much early?
  3. Maybe, but what's the difference between shooting it in Washington, Uniondale, New York or London? The show will be the same.
  4. i hope that they will change the setlist on european leg, but... don't know now.
  5. I guess filming in DC does sort of puts an implicit and additional context to the show.

  6. Maybe they're guilty about the horrendous E&I live from Paris.
  7. I noticed in previous tours they streamed shows onto YouTube and u2.com for subscribers. It would be great if they did something like that again