1. Watching inferior TV edits will just destroy your DVD eXPERIENCE.
  2. I’m pretty sure it was just a glimpse of what is to come, eventually. I think they chose japan first because they’re playing some Joshua tree shows there next. In places they haven’t played yet
  3. I think U2 should just be happy with 75 minutes of free promotion (on New Year's day). This release/broadcast will certainly not be as highly anticipated as Paris was 4 years ago (for several reasons). Starting with Elevation and Vertigo makes sense as it might grab the attention of the viewer instantly and looking at the rest of the tracklist it might just be enough to keep them watching of course you can easily think of other edits, but at least this keeps the original flow of the show
  4. I think that in this time, them decided do not make like 2015 when before the official released there were many blu-rays from Paris in sites like e-bay. Now, they prefer a broadcast of half concert and this do not go to e-bay. Nobody would buy a half-concert.
  5. They better release this on on Blu Ray, I’m buying it on the day of its release
  6. Really? The Acrobat video that someone shared on the whatsapp group was pretty neat - and I'm usually quite the critic with everything the bands puts out or does But it looked really really good. Elegant camera movements (no Hamilton craziness with camera changes every 0,2 seconds) and a slight, not-too-apparent Invisible-like effect on the band members' shapes... I really liked it.
  7. Is there a link to this clip of Acrobat? Thanks.
  8. Share the Acrobat, please!!!
  9. Share the Acrobat, please!!! (2)
  10. It was shared internally and internally it shall remain. It was also recorded on a handheld cell phone, sound was too low... Not worth it, believe me A good quality rip will appear soon for sure.
  11. Why don’t you want to share it with us?