1. We have a new You Too poll, you can vote for this new poll on the frontpage and discuss it in this thread.

    The question of this new You Too is:

    You Too: What do you think is U2's signature song? (of these songs)
    - Beautiful Day
    - Where The Streets Have No Name
    - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
    - New Year's Day
    - Pride (In The Name Of Love)
    - Vertigo
    - Sunday Bloody Sunday
    - With Or Without You
    - One
    - I Will Follow

    We'll leave it to you how a signature song is defined. You could think of it like what is the first song people would associate with U2

    Please vote on the frontpage of the website, in this topic you can tell us why you voted for your answer.
  2. Earlier I thought of "Sunday Bloody Sunday" as U2's "signature song", but my vote went to "I Will Follow"

    It is, of course, the live version I'm referring to...

  3. I love that picture. I have that 45 record. One of my favorites.
  4. Streets
  5. Wild Honey
  6. I vote for I Will Follow because when is played the crowd exults and sing the song and for me it is theirs signature song
  7. One and streets.
  8. I think it depends on era... older people know Pride, Wowy, One... for youngers it's Beautiful Day
  9. Streets
  10. Though I'm not not the biggest fan of the song (in fact, I like most of the other songs on the list much more), I have to go with Pride.

    For me, it best represents what I imagine under the term 'U2 song'.