2018-08-31 - Berlin
Tour: Experience and Innocence tour
Songs played: 25
Audio recordings: 2
Videos: 1
  1. Friday.
  2. worst case scenario ill have to take a train or bus there which will take ages. but its doable. BF i still further away. I'll just see how the mood in the Ryanair camp is at that time.
  3. I should really have rolled the dice but the thought of chasing alternative flights with less than a week to go or having to pay for one hotel while booking another. None of it seems worth the hassle for this show. I've got the two Belfast shows to look forward to.
  4. Berlin has 3 airports so plenty options

  5. Wikipedia lists 7
  6. 3 airports
    The others are either closed or air fields with literally a grass runway
  7. Only two of interest for civil passengers from abroad. International travelers should consider Hamburg or Leipzig as alternatives, as going to Berlin via train from there is no problem. You might get much cheaper flights to and fro Hamburg and Leipzig .At least on that date.
  8. Brandenburg isn’t open yet though and has been an embarrassment.