2018-10-07 - Amsterdam
Tour: Experience and Innocence tour
Songs played: 23
Audio recordings: 3
  1. Thanks! That sounds indeed like a proper sentence

    Yes he did

    Amsterdam 2 had the following blessings, but, again, I need some help:

    Blessed is Amsterdam, and the visions [...?] you're own (?)
    Blessed are the boats [...?] floats.
    Blessed is... the port of Amsterdam, who took a Belgium to write the song.
    Blessed is [Piet Mondriaan?] to ride along the coast (? )
    Blessed are the hands of Vermeer for he was touched by the hands of God.

    Blessed is the blue of the Europe we share...and may the yellow stars never fall on our heads.

    Blessed is Amsterdam. Blessed is Holland.
    Blessed are Theo...and Vincent...
    Blessed is Anton Corbijn...
    Blessed is Herman Brood...
    Blessed is Amsterdam!

  2. That's great.
  3. Just listened back to the boot of the first night, one of the best Gloria performances I've ever heard I think!