2018-10-19 - Manchester
Tour: Experience and Innocence tour
Songs played: 24
Audio recordings: 1
  1. ^ Great stuff here
  2. Well...those were two fabulous shows. Never have I been so happy to stay spoiler free! I'll admit...going into these shows I wasn't as excited as I thought I would be because of the show being so similar to I+E, or so I thought. The show is so much stronger with all the changes, I do wonder why it took them so long to mix things up?

    I went with two friends who were very much casual fans and they had a blast; they missed the TJT songs of course (as did I) but adored the hits and enjoyed the lesser known tracks. The big take away I got from them both was how impressed they were with Bono's voice, that was nice to hear

    My thoughts:

    + The 'Zoo TV' section may well be the best thing I've ever seen U2 do. Two of my fav songs that I never thought I would see, Stay and The Fly...wow. Didn't think the show would feature so much from Achtung Baby!
    + I missed Gloria on I+E so was chuffed to see that one. The crowd went nuts when that riff kicked in.
    + Bono sounded great on both nights, he's doing so well with the songs given his age and past health issues.
    + The Chaplin intro was spine tingling, way better than LIAWHL. Just stunning.
    + I prefer SOI as an album but felt all of the SOE songs worked better live, especially Love is Bigger. I hope that one sticks around for years to come.
    + Pride was sensational and I adore that re-worked version of NYD.
    + I had my doubts over 13 as a closer and while it did have many people scratching their heads, I thought it was very moving and closed out the narrative from the two albums perfectly.

    - I had a feeling SoL might appear on the European leg but I did miss SATS, felt that could have been an easy rotation spot along with EBTTRT/Desire.
    - Having looked over Milan after Manchester it's a shame Landlady didn't pop up. Great song.
    - U2 should be commended for being so brave with the setlist choice, but (imo) the show lacks a euphoric moment which only songs like Streets, Bad, AIWIY and 40 can provide.

    TL;DR: way more positives than negatives, both gigs a strong 8/10. One happy customer
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