2018-11-05 - Dublin
Tour: Experience and Innocence tour
Songs played: 24
Audio recordings: 1
  1. Originally posted by bonoman66:[..]
    You guys really know how to use your equipment! Thank you. Its lovely to relive through the pictures - works of art! Well done
    Thanks for the kudos - much appreciated I don't have the skills nor the portable semi-pro equipment like @welsh_edge, @remy or @flowerchild do, but I'm rather glad with the results that my Canon G7X yields at concerts - it's exactly what I need, handy, portable, records fine video and takes good enough photos... And if I need some extra beef I just bring my DSLR and pray that it doesn't get seized at gates
  2. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock... It's coming!

  3. It's up! Thanks a million @hoserama and the other tapers involved! What a Christmas present.

  4. this is the concert they should have filmed!
  5. absolutely... and I would say that might have been the plan IF Berlin2 hadn't fallen through
  6. I don’t think they would have went with Dublin because of the different set up with the e stage. Maybe Milan could have been a contender if Berlin 2 had went as planned. Berlin 3 was still great though and there’s a good chance the Berlin suite section wouldn’t have been there if Berlin 3 didn’t exist it might have been something more similar to Copenhagen 2 without the fly and zoo station. Anyway I’m just glad we have this great show to enjoy in such great quality now. Probably was the best combined performance with Setlist of the tour.
  7. Thanks ❤️
  8. WOOW this is great
  9. we might get Larry's POV camera he had on his glasses if I remember correctly, which was shot in Dublin So, this footage might make it to the DVD. I don't think he had such a camera in the Berlin show. However, it's somewhat irrelevant, because it will only be about the drums and his strength and not the shows in Ireland
  10. Well isn’t this just a sexy little bootleg,sounds rather good to me does this.Happy days....thanks a lot for everyone’s efforts to bring us this.Happy Christmas people,and have a great 2020
  11. Merry Christmas indeed. Amazing quality...thanks so much.