1. This devil deserve a topic
  2. As someone who loves MacPhisto more than anything else in the universe, this has been the happiest 6 months of my entire life. What an incredible gift.

    Thank you so much to everyone who streamed, taped or filmed his speeches so we could all enjoy them!

  3. Relevant. This is hilarious.
    "You know who else only had one name? Stalin.
  4. Could someone please tell me the origin of this quote?

    I'd never come across it before seeing this tweet, and U2start is the only place Google can find it. I'm extremely intrigued as to what I've missed!
  5. Mock the devil and he will flee from thee😈
  6. Sorry that you had to answer yourself Yes, @remy worked very hard back in the day to gather some unique quotes from interviews not available anywhere else (online).
  7. "Fear of the devil leads to devil worship" - now that is a prescient quote.

    Plus love the sneaky Bill Clinton reference.
  8. am I the only one, that doesnt see the MacPhisto interview at that link? (but instead an MJ timeline, with just a Mac pic)