1. Hi there,

    after some time for consideration I decided to edit a multicam for Cologne 1 (and maybe Cologne 2).
    Audio is being worked on, that won't be a problem.

    If you have filmed something in full HD / 4K and think it would look great in the multicam (videos from mobiles should have been filmed horizontally), please contact me via PM or email: u2cologne1multicam@gmx.de

    I will need your original video footage, sent via WeTransfer, mega etc.

    Everybody that contributes will be mentioned in the credits of course.

    The final product will be made available for free via torrents on the internet.

    Fingers crossed for many great video Sources :-)
  2. Work in Progress.

    If you have filmed something in (full) HD or 4K and want to contribute, please contact me.
  3. Larry feed?? Cool!!!
  4. nope, Edge
  5. Sounds nice. Will this one be the audio feed for the multicam project?
  6. There's gonna be a Matrix (IEM/Aud).
  7. Cool. Great work for the community, thx a lot!
  8. Cool video and "raw" (?) IEM sound!
    Thanks for the work!!!
    Maybe someone can/will someday contribute IEM and/or IEM/AUD mixes to the Cologne 2015 multicams!?
    They have "only" a 3(?)-AUD source matrix.
  9. Not Long now
  10. Oh my, this looks absolutely amazing fantastic work you've done
  11. ...ans it sounds great too