1. These are the current multicam projects being made.
    All of the projects are made by fans for fans and will be shared for free on the internet.

    Stockholm 2015:
    Editor: LosslessJoel
    Email: Losslessjoel@gmail.com
    Status: On hold

    Seattle 2017:
    Editor: LosslessJoel
    Email: LosslessJoel@gmail.com
    Status: Need a few more videos.

    Berlin 2017:
    Editor: Sparko
    Email: mailbox@u2media.de
    Status: Collecting Files

    New York(2018-06-25):
    Editor: one8ung
    Email: 8ungone@gmail.com
    Status: Collecting Files

    Cologne 2018:
    Editor: loftarasa
    Email: u2cologne1multicam@gmx.de
    Status: Collecting Files

    Amsterdam 2(2018-10-08):
    Editor: DutchU2Fan
    Email: dutchu2fan@gmail.com
    Status: Collecting Files

    Dublin 2018:
    Editor: hindutimes01
    Email: hindutimes03@hotmail.com
    Status: Ongoing

    If you have any videos from any of the concerts, please share via WeTransfer, Google Drive, Dropbox or something similar to the email address of the project.
    Video credit will be given to all the people who share their footage.

    If anyone is interested in making their own multicam, I'd be happy to add you to the list.
    (All files have to be original files though.. so no YouTube/Facebook downloads)
  2. I've added Sparko's Berlin3 multicam to the list.

    If you have any videos from any of these concerts, please share
  3. Thanks man, this is really helpful. Will share on our socials too.
  4. I have some from LA 2 but they are not the best quality. I still can send them, though
  5. Hey Lucas, what songs did you get from LA2? Did you post anything on YouTube for me to check?
  6. I think most of the people currently doing multicams of the European shows already contacted us. If someone starts new projects and want to use u2gigs footage contact us directly via matt at u2gigs.com or Twitter DM.

  7. LA2 is basically done, I am doing a render to check and make any final tweaks.
  8. If anyone needs them, I have video from San Jose 1, Nashville, and NY 1. San Jose and NY are the full show. I’ve already made a .m4v file for San Jose 1 if anyone wants it to post.
  9. Happy Thanksgiving! LA2 Trailer
  10. I'm done and will release Berlin 3 soon
  11. I updated the list!
  12. Still gathering footage for the Dublin shows if anyone has anything they would like to share