1. Yes you've read that well. No Joshua Tree songs this tour but still we have something nice related to With Or Without You to win for you. One of our Instagram followers, mr_reno made this great With Or Without You print and has four of them to give away to fans:

    The winner of this contest will get one for free shipped to their home wherever in the world that may be. The number 2, 3 and 4 will have the option to get it, they only need to pay for the shipping costs. You can still say no if you win of course

    Contest question and rules
    * The contest will start today and will end right before the final Berlin show on 13 November around 20:30pm CET.

    * The contest question is: guess the total show length in hours, minutes and seconds of the full show in Berlin starting from the first note of the Chaplin intro video to the moment where Bono says his final words after 13. If they for some reason do other songs, we use those. We will take the Mixlr [from U2gigs or others] as pointer. Alternatively, we use one of the bootlegs that will surface.

    * You can participate only once, and cannot edit your post after 15 minutes anymore. However, if you want to amend your guess, just reply with a new post and we'll then only use your last one.

    * I will post here and reach out to the winner(s) a few days after the Berlin show.

    For reference, one of the bootlegs from London I have here runs 2 hours, 13 minutes and 51 seconds from the intro to 13.

    Good luck, and thanks again to mr_reno for making this possible!
  2. 2 Hours, 24 minutes, 13 seconds.
  3. Good idea for a competition with a cool prize. I’ll go for 2 hours, 19 minutes, 53 seconds.
  4. 2 hours, 27 minutes, 35 seconds.
  5. 2 hrs, 22 mins, 46 secs.
  6. 2h 16m 47s
  7. 2h 16m 31s
  8. 2h 17m 13s

    (I will probably amend this later...)
  9. 2h 22m 37s
  10. 2:08:38
  11. Hmm, let's go for the optimistic scenario...2:25:13 until 13, and then another encore with selected highlights and surprises ?
  12. I’ll go for 2h 16m 45s