1. Thanks everyone glad you enjoyed the read
  2. Wow, this is... This is definitely something else. Friends with Adam? Attending the show after which they signed their first contract, their first Croke in 1985, etc? Wow. I would love to meet you one day, Andy. You're a living legend. So glad to have you among us! Big hugs
  3. What a story! Great U2 life since childhood
  4. WOW Andy! Impressive read! Thank you!

    " I also remember thinking Bono's teeth weren't that great..."
  5. great story to bad that, that at time there where no selfie
  6. Such a great interview -- thanks!
  7. Hi Andy, thanks for your story great read.

    It gives me pleasure to hear your passion for a band that I have similar feelings for but I would say you top it by a whisker (lol)...
    Seriously though I've been to about four concerts in my time the first one going back to 1998 at Lansdowne road. None of my mates were ever into U2 so that's probably why., I was at the SEE last week on my own excellent as always but certain songs of the new album haven't grown on me...

    I wish you luck for the future
  8. Hi Andy!

    This is best story that I ever seen from a here for a life-long fan long before they released Boy

    Great to see to you here that you are of the band on of the closest friends and you're my hero and famous also

    What many people was at the National Stadium in 1980?
    It was a sold-out gig?

    I was so jealous that you were at the "dream it up all again" history speech gig in 1989 and also right after at the NYE show, even I was from lightyears away from born
    Has it very hard rained at these days like we saw a bit in the FTSD documentary?

    Was you in Dalkey there and visit the mates when the polished AB in March 1991 at the Danesmoate House like we saw in FTSD and at that time to drink with them some flash beer?

    When I will be sometime in 5 or 6 years later in Dublin, or in London and then I invite you a drink and talking about your life-time U2 story
  9. Great story!
  10. Wow that's a really nice interview! Cool background story with Adam, like the fact that you're in logistics too! Good one!
  11. Great story Andy. You were present at the beginning. That National Stadium gig lives in infamy among U2 bootleg aficionados. Thanks for sharing your list. Seeing your all time gig list would be interesting.
  12. Great. Just great. Loved to read it!!!! Regards.