1. With nearly a decade absence it better be in stadiums cause It’ll be big crowds. Being Australian and haven’t seen u2 before at 19 years old I hope this is true
  2. Apparently someone asked Bono about Australia when he met fans before the London gigs and his response was "I was working on that 2 hours ago". It's on Twitter from that day. Joe O'Herlihy also made a comment to an Australian "See you next year".... but I don't want to get my hopes up yet.
  3. Wait what the fuck hahahahahahaha

    I am just worried it will push everything else back, wish they would’ve done it sooner.
  4. This is potentially some great news, very surprising, it seemed that nothing was certain from the words Bono was using but maybe it was just to keep all this a surprise or maybe things are still getting finalised. Exciting stuff though.
  5. Honestly didn't expect to have rumors for next year so soon
  6. Wow, I am really surprised. Exciting!

    The world is falling apart... still, amazing U2 times.
  7. Give that part of the world it’s own show. I’m surprised but it’s deserved. Maybe last night was just saying bye to Europe.
  8. My wallet is open
  9. Just no songs of experience please