1. Wow exiting
  2. I'm beginning to think on top of Oz / NZ
    Hong Kong
    Kuala Lumpa
  3. I hope it is that comprehensive.
  4. Originally posted by u2makesbono:Someone posted on facebook that we hear something on april 4th.
    That would make sense
    April 4th Tour announcement
    April 9th Presale Group1
    April 10th Presale Group2
    April 12th General Presale

    This would coinicide with the RSD release.
  5. To make the tour stack up financially it would have to be like this.
    (Not in that order though)
  6. Possibly South Africa aswell whilst in Southern Hemisphere
  7. That would make sense hardly worth their while rehearsing for a month to do 10 shows they'd want to be doing 15 -20 to make it worthwhile ,while possibly extending it into 2020.
  8. I like your 20/20 Vision.
  9. They'll only do up to 4 Asian cities, the tour is supposed to be wrapped up mid December.

    (nonetheless more would be better )

  10. Would also coincide with the new Brexit date, April 12th. I need to know what's happening on that front, before I decide what tickets to buy. Could make for a very interesting general sale