1. I hope they don't announce that in summer. I think the rumours were that it would be announced soon, another source that I know said it will be announced in Jan or Feb.
  2. On their Head Full... Tour, Coldplay took in Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. I think they also played India. I wonder what demand there would be in those countries for U2 gigs?
  3. tomorrow is Monday
  4. Either this week or next week, please.
  5. Announcement tomorrow??
  6. It was just a question, probably a rhetorical one
  7. Tomorrow???Now that's a song they should play on the next tour wasn't it rehearsed on the 360 tour? after resurrecting Dirty Day, Acrobat,Zoo Station and Exit in recent years anything is possible
  8. You're thinking of Drowning Man.
  9. I love Tomorrow.
    And The Refugee.

    That said, I think we would have heard rumors if there was going to be an announcement this week. Get your hopes down.

    Probably won't hear anything until March. February if you're super lucky.
  10. You're right but maybe it's a song they should revisit at some point they did a new version of it in 1996 for an Irish folk album which is also on October remastered deluxe edition which was amazing, but along with Drowning Man it's a song that shouldn't be confined to the archive's.