1. Originally posted by aski:Haaaaaallelujah!

    Thanks a LOT guys!

    The reason why I was reminded of this today was that (I'm a primary school teacher btw) we had a visit by a local artist who made paintings and he showed the pupils the primary colours and explained how the interacted with each other. I thought about asking him afterwards, when the pupils weren't listening, if there ever was a coloured that was supposed to be the "colour of madness". Anyone else who've heard of this description of yellow (sorry, I remember it being orange). Anyways, so glad you guys helped me find the solution to this mystery!

    Now, if anyone have a picture of this dubious bridge...!!!

  2. Amazing job all, I’d just got home ready to join the hunt!
  3. At least this actually got solved, unlike the mystery Bad.
  4. Do tell?
  5. This is a hilarious thread !
  6. I would describe it as Silver and Gold.