1. A few months ago, as I was compiling all the U2 catalog in a more comprehensive way for me, I ended up making a "Christmas" album.

    Here it is in case you're interested.
    Record it, print it, play it, give it as a gift...

    1- Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
    2- The Darkest Midnight
    3- I Believe in Father Christmas
    4- Happy Xmas (War is Over)
    5- Jesus Christ
    6- Peace on Earth
    7- Do They Know is Christmas?
    8- Ave Maria

    (I can't post a link to mp3 files, but I think is safe to post links to YouTube...)





    (I'd suggest fading out the cheering at the end)





  2. I am so intrigued by your alternate albums. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Oh I love it! Thank you very much for sharing
  4. The Darkest Midnight?
    What is that?
  5. Excellent comp. I'm sure U2 will release a Christmas subscription package one day. Too bad the Lennon track has inferior audio.
  6. You forgot this:

  7. One more:

  8. Grace?
    If God will sent his angels?

    there's a bit of christmasfeeling in, i supose?
  9. thanks for all of these songs!
  10. I have also dropped Angel of Harlem into my Christmas playlist.
  11. This is fantastic. The only addition I'd make is "If God Will Send His Angels".

    Love the tracklist, title, album cover, all of it. Thanks for sharing!
  12. I just watched Daddy's Home 2 and Do they know it's Christmas was featured all over the movie. Also had some Bono jokes.