1. We had a crazy idea : listening to all of 229 songs U2 recorded in their carreer ! You know what ? We loved it !

    Our goal was to make the "final U2Ranking" of their discography. We tried to stay cold's hearts but that was not always that easy. But anyway, we achieved our mission.

    We hope you will love it and mostly that you will share our thoughts because without any doubt, you will disagree with a lot of things
  2. Ahahah, seems like I cannot post a link, too bad
    Well, we are a french U2 website, U2 Sucking Rock'n Roll, and our ranking (also available in english) can be found here : www.u2srnr.com/u2ranking-en
  3. Interesting read, and like you said people will disagree with a lot of things but thats fine. Personally I don't know how MLK, Blackout, Ordinary love and 13 are voted so low but then American Soul is voted so high. Looking forward to the next part.
  4. je ne suis pas d'accord avec ce classement !!! certaines chansons que je trouve parfaites sont très loin dans le classement Staring at th sun par exemple ! alors que d'autre beaucoup plus mauvaise sont mieux placée comme American Soul ! très subjectif comme classement !