1. Happy New Year's Day to all U2starters around the globe!

    Hoping that you enjoy the NYE party tonight with friends (at clubs or at home) and family!

    I wish all of you a very good kickstart off in 2019 and hope it's a better good one than this year!

    I have something special for ya, and my next projects will be like this, but it will be also different, in the next weeks and months I will be working on it, when I have time.



    For those it's unfamiliar:

    Spoiler (click to toggle)

    I'll hope you enjoy these!

    Best regards,

  2. Thanks Jimmy! I wish you and all the other members a fantastic year!
  3. Wow Love the sound. Looking forward to the full shows. Happy new year
  4. A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone. Best wishes for 2019! Peace!
  5. Happy New Year to U2start.
  6. Happy U2019 everyone. Let's hope it's a great one.
  7. Happy new year to all,hope 2019 is good to everyone
  8. Yeah, DTS sounds always good
    Happy new year also 2U!
  9. Happy New Year everyone hope you all have a great 2019
  10. Happy U2019 everyone