1. Anyone have any tips on ripping the audio tracks from a concert DVD using OSX?

    I spent several hours on this yesterday and I'm thoroughly confused.
  2. Try downloading Soundflower for Mac. Once you have the dvd ready, pause it and then do the following.....
    Go to system preferences and click on Sound then select Soundflower 2ch for input and output. Open Quicktime player, hit File, select new audio recording. Press the red button/record on the quicktime player window and play the dvd (make sure your mac's volume is turned up full though). Once you've recorded the dvd under File in QT you'll need to Save and name the quicktime audio somewhere. Once you're all done go back to System Preferences/Sound and reselect Internal speakers and Internal Microphone so you can listen to the QT recording.
    Please be aware this works but you can't listen to the recording until you've finished recording it. Hope this helps you out.
  3. And for Windows?