1. So, this is kind of U2, but it kind of isn't.

    I just released a collection of lullaby versions of U2 songs under the moniker Lullaby Encore - you can hear the album at https://song.link/u2lullaby

    This is a gift to my kids (7, 3, and 1), especially my younger two, to give them something peaceful to listen to but also share these amazing U2 songs with them at an early age.

    I've been a big fan of lullaby covers for quite some time, for some reason, and although I liked the U2 ones out there, none of them seemed "chill" to me. So I went ahead and made one of my own. All appropriate mechanical royalties will be earned by the songwriters/publishers, of course.

    I hope those of you with younger kids or grandkids can enjoy this collection. Feedback is always appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Your link doesn't work. Eager to check out your recordings.
  3. I edited the link for everyone to access it Eager to listen to this, I was a big fan of lullaby versions back in the day, I have Beatles, Led Zepp, U2, Stones etc. lullaby albums. It's lovely to listen to your beloved songs in a totally different way, and they're also very useful to study, read or just relax a bit listening to something familiar but non distracting!
  4. Just got a chance to take a listen.

    Against all odds... Pride and Sunday Bloody Sunday are the highlights! Great versions. Streets' crescendo was incredible as well The opening trio was the part I enjoyed the least - WOWY and Beautiful Day specially. Sweetest Thing with the (much!) slower tempo was surprising. And well, One is an incrdible song no matter what you do to it, so it was bound to be a fantastic version as well.

    What I really wonder is: why do all these lullaby/strings/vocal version albums include mostly the same songs (the biggest hits)? Since its target is mostly diehard fans, having deeper cuts would help to make us enjoy it even more, don't you think?