1. Hi all!

    Big U2 fan here from Minnesota, USA. First time U2Start member, but been a fan for decades. Been to four shows (I wish that number was higher!), and will continue to enjoy their material - both old and new - for a long time coming.

    I also just released a collection of lullaby versions of U2 songs under the moniker Lullaby Encore - you can hear the album at https://song.link/u2lullaby.

    This is a gift to my kids (7, 3, and 1), especially my younger two, to give them something peaceful to listen to but also share these amazing U2 songs with them at an early age.

    I've been a big fan of lullaby covers for quite some time, for some reason, and although I liked the U2 ones out there, none of them seemed "chill" to me. So I went ahead and made one of my own. All appropriate mechanical royalties will be earned by the songwriters/publishers, of course.

    I hope those of you with younger kids or grandkids can enjoy this collection. Feedback is always appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Very cool! Welcome!
  3. Welcome!