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    The question of this new You Too is:

    You Too: What was your favourite recent tour?
    - Innocence and Experience
    - The Joshua Tree tour
    - Experience and Innocence
    - I have no clear favorite

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  2. E&I for me mainly because they played my 2 favourite songs from the album every night (Lights Of Home, love is bigger) and the strong Achtung baby presence + stay, if they hadn’t changed the Setlist to include the 90’s stuff I would probably have went with JT17 but I&E was great too.
  3. E+I at its best is the clear favorite but I didn’t see that show. I would actually prefer the JT shows I saw to the E+I one I saw.
  4. By far the I&E tour. JT was ok. Mainly because of the impressive videowall and videos. Bono not at his best. E&I is for me one of their least interesting tours. Not because of the performance, but simply the songs of SOE are just average and a setlist we have heard enough times.
  5. I&E tour for me, i thought the storie they told was incredible. The early songs and the strong Visuals were verry cool.
  6. of these, the tour i least enjoy is I+E tour
  7. For me JT tour was my favorite for three reasons
    1. first show in Dublin
    2. I went with my daughter and made it a small holiday
    3. I missed the original JT tour in 1987, due to ticket selling chaos
  8. I thought the IE tour by a mile then maybe the JT tour. But all 3 were great tho I think I just got spoiled by the 2nights of the IE tour in Glasgow and as I didn't know the setlist before hand helped alot
  9. Joshua Tree tour !!! it was epic !!!
  10. Joshua Tree of course.... those first 4 songs and not losing that momentum for the whole show... I&E was also very U2 worthy... not entirely sure about E&I.. it was still very good, but probably the worst they ever did.
  11. ah, I see E&I is leading at the moment??? are you crazy?? it had some good moments, but can you please tell me what was so special about it? or are you just voting the underdog?
  12. JT30 overall