1. Just because the last couple of shows of E+I tour were fabulous doesn't make the whole tour great. The first 3/4 of the tour was not that great. JT was nice nostalgic, but i realy missed Bono's guitar playing (whoever guessed that ) and graphics were breathtaking, but i enjoyed I+E far more because of the variation en crowd participation.
  2. Originally posted by Zwervervriend:Just because the last couple of shows of E+I tour were fabulous doesn't make the whole tour great. The first 3/4 of the tour was not that great. JT was nice nostalgic, but i realy missed Bono's guitar playing (whoever guessed that ) and graphics were breathtaking, but i enjoyed I+E far more because of the variation en crowd participation.
    they were not fabulous, just enjoyable
  3. For me it felt like one big tour with 3 acts.
    An opening I.E.
    a middle JT30
    An end E.I.

    It's been a great few years for U2 fans.
  4. for me was these the follow act tour
    1) I&E
    2) JT30
    3) E&I
  5. Saw JT30 in Vancouver and e+i in London, so can only judge off those performances and it easily goes to e+i.

    For me, the biggest strength of JT30 was also it's biggest flaw - playing the album in full and in sequence. One of the things U2 has consistently done well is to transition from one song into another. A fine example of this is the Paris i+e show, the transition from October to Bullet to Zooropa to Streets is epic. For JT30 it just felt clunky, pausing after one song before commencing another meant the show didn't have its usual flow. That said, hearing rarities like RHMT, Exit and OTH, as well as the debut for LTTGYA was a memorable treat

    The narrative and story arc (oh, and the sound quality) was so much better in London..
  6. 1) I&E
    2) JT
    3) E&!

    For me E&I was their worst tour ever. Even Acrobat and the AB songs couldn't save this tour.
  7. +1
  8. Agree 100%!!
  9. Personally for me there's no competition. Theres one clear winner. It's E+I. You'll probably disagree, which is fine. The question is " What was your favourite recent tour".

    1. E+I
    2. I+E
    3. JT


    I attended this tour as a casual. I only discovered U2 a couple months before. I went to the last night in London, and I didn't know half of the songs in the setlist. I did enjoy this show very much though, and Zooropa/Streets blew me away.

    The Joshua Tree 2017 -

    I attended the first night at Twickenham and I was actually disappointed. You might laugh at my reasons, and that's fair enough. It was a blistering hot day, and it was just a bit uncomfortable being sat shoulder to shoulder when its that hot. I wasn't really a regular concert goer before JT 2017, especially in Stadiums, so I don't really know what I was expecting, but the sound was the worst thing I have ever experienced. Fair enough we were sat literally right at the back (block M15) but every time Bono spoke we literally couldn't understand what he was saying. After Exit my ears were genuinely hurting.

    Another thing that I didn't like was that the gig started in broad daylight. Now obviously I can't blame U2 or the production crew for this. Its just one of those things. But when I look at the other European gigs which started when it was dark, the atmosphere (and screen) looks so much better. I also feel like they could have made better use of the screen, i.e. turn it on earlier. Where we were sat, one of the speaker masts blocked our view of the B Stage, so we would often lose sight of Bono when he was there. Now I know it sounds like I'm complaining a lot about this tour, but I wished that I actually did more shows from this tour. I don't feel like I got the proper experience.


    This tour was phenomenal. Well, the European leg was anyway. For me, the NA setlist looks a bit weak and boring. I was looking forward to hearing some of the same songs from 2015 (Iris and SFS), but for me there were just too many songs in the setlist that I just didn't care about.

    Fortunately they changed it up for the EU leg, and it blew me away. Those first 8 or so songs before the intermission is the best bit of U2 that I'll ever see. The Blackout intro was immense, and somehow they got away with using Lights of home as a second song in a concert, it doesn't sound like one but it worked. Then into I Will Follow and Gloria (which should be played at every gig) got the arenas rocking. For me, Beautiful Day works a lot better when its played earlier, rather than the other two times when I've seen it played in the encores. Then ZS > Fly > Stay > Horses is probably the highlight of the show, and maybe even the whole tour.

    Remy mentioned that IE was special because he attended so many shows. Thats like me in this tour (although my 7 are nothing compared to his 20+). I agree with Tim as well, that these past 3 tours fit perfectly well together. They're a narrative of U2's life. In this tour I heard many songs I thought I would never hear, and met some great people.

    Did Manc 1 with my mum and met some great people in the pubs. Did Manc 2 alone and got 2nd row at the e stage. It was great to be that close to the band. London 1 and 2 with my uncles family. Belfast 2 with a group of guys from here. Also got ridiculously close to the stage in that show too. Dublin 4 with my dad and Berlin with the guys from here again.
  10. Originally posted by Ricku2:[..]
    that would be a bad thing, but I don't think I'm doing that.... that's why I came up with the Modric thing.. like I said before, I do understand the sentiment, but people seem to forget about the main thing... Modric is just a good soccer player, nothing more, nothing less....Wild Horses was great and the highlight, but Until The End Of The World is probably a better live song.. it's fine if you enjoy the new songs, but I don't think you should prefer a tour because it had Wild Horses, Acrobat and Stay.... yes, it did, but it was also missing a lot of all time (big) favourites... JT had Exit, Mothers Of The Disappeared, Trip, God's Country, One Tree Hill, Red Hill, Running To Stand Still and more.... I'm ok with different opinions, I just don't agree with the arguments and I feel there is some weird kind of bias toward E&I...
    And of course this was the worst U2 show ever: [YouTube Video]

    There is no weird bias, some people just prefer E&I and there points are arguments are equally as valid as yours.
    Read what you’ve said above, every single point is only an opinion and I believe by coming up with the whole modric thing it just comes across as putting other people’s opinion down as if ‘well you like this but these are actually better you just don’t see it’. Your way of deciding what makes a show or a song good will be different from mine and the next person that’s how it is.
  11. 1. JT30
    2. i+e
    3. e+i

    For me it is all about memories and the experience (nice word). The setlist plays a big role in combination with the experience on the floor. As long as Bad is in the setlist it has a big favour for me. JT30 and i+e had this for me and were very good concerts. e+i had a disappointing ending the last few numbers and specially 13 fizzled out. I do prefer an endind with a lot of energy. Although 40 is a nice a nice closer too. nevertheless it is a feeling and very subjective.
  12. U2 in playing in a stadium are just incredible !!! Joshua Tree tour is the best !