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    I remember when Pride first came out they premiered it on the radio before you could buy the 45... I remember holding my little portable cassette recorder up to my dad's stereo speakers to record it off the radio...
    That reminds of my first tv that my father brought home when I was 16 ( never had tv before at home - seems incredible but it is ) and when I first saw the Europe video of The Final countdown
    I tried to record it with my father’s tape player just to play it over and over....
  2. I made an audio recording of the one hour Live Aid special that was broadcast in decembre 1985 by putting a tape recorder with a Mike in front of the TV and ordered every one in the house to be quiet. It ends with friends of my parents einging the doorbell, arriving for dinner. Luckily, after the "Bad"...
  3. No, I didn't put a friend called Mike there, but a mic.
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    Night And Day was the bridge between the two eras but I don't think it went out in the radio or anything, right? Wasn't it hard to find back in the day?

    You listened to the wrong radio stations then. (Or maybe I listened to the right ones.) I definitely heard it on the radio.
  5. It even had a video shot by Wim Wenders(?)...
  6. I think it must be Pride. A friend of mine had bought it on 45. At a party He played it. Than I've heard it for the first time. In the months after the release of the album it seemed to me that the songs were everywere. Lots of people were into U2 back than. There was a recordshop playing it all the time.
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    You listened to the wrong radio stations then. (Or maybe I listened to the right ones.) I definitely heard it on the radio.
    I guess @LikeASong had totally different problems those days
  8. Beautiful Day, came out fall 2000, I’d only been a fan for a year or so. I was 13 I think?
  9. hahahaha lol, yes, I was too busy trying to stop crawling and start walking and that stuff
  10. I became a fan just after All That You Can't Leave Behind came out so the first 'new' song that felt like mine (rather than stealing my Dad's CD collection) was Electrical Storm closely followed by The Hands That Built America.
  11. The first new U2 song after I became a fan... Ordinary Love. I just missed NLOTH (actually, I'd heard the album once it when it was new) but then really started exploring the back catalogue and becoming a fan during 2010-2011. So I came in during a nice long hiatus, and Ordinary Love seemed quite the treat! It's such a U2-y sounding song. In another way, Invisible was kind of my first new song because it had an actual promotional push - Ordinary Love just seemed like it kind of appeared as a song on a film soundtrack, went onto the awards shows, etc... with Invisible, there was the video, the Superbowl promo, the Fallon performance, the actual download... it seemed like much more an event to me.