1. U2 is close to announcing a new tour for 2019, to allegedly perform in cities in Australiasia late this year. The big question of course is: what kind of a tour will it be? We already know it will not be branded as The Joshua Tree tour or a continuation of the Experience & Innocence tours.

    The question to answer in this contest is: guess the name of the tour!

    The contest will run until the name leaks or is announced, which can be any day. The winner will receive a t-shirt from U2's shirts in Croke Park in 2005, size XL. If there are more people with the correct answer, one of you will win by the luck of the draw!

    Good luck!
  2. Future Needs a Big Kiss
  3. Love Town 2 (or maybe Love Town 2019, hmmm)
  4. New Horizons Tour 2019
  5. Lovetown 2019
  6. The A and E and I and J tour!

    Joshua Tree
  7. Songs down under
  8. Lovetown 2020
  9. The Joshua Tree Tour 2019 Australasia in Assocaiation with Qantas and Castlemain XXXX.
  10. Australasian Tour 2019
  11. Australia and New Zealand 2019
  12. U2019 Tour