1. Boomerang Tour
  2. Only U2 would have a tour called the "Boomerang Tour" and not acknowledge the song "Boomerang" in any way. I doubt they'd ever play it live, but it could be the intro music!

    My vote is U2: A Celebration 2019. Celebrating 40 years of their career, kind of an overall career exploration through the concert. "A Celebration" will not be played.
  3. U2 : We Must Rest tour
  4. The "Oz" Tour
  5. We are not going to tour 2019
  6. 'There Is A Light' Tour

  7. U2 The Joshua Tree Tour 2019
  8. Still sticking with Lovetown 2019
  9. The Waiting for an Announcement Tour
  10. So, do we have a winner? And Remy, do you remember who asked for a contest a couple of months ago?