1. Great spot. Shame it's not HD. SLF playing in Belfast in the summer too.
  2. I am watching it now while digitally capturing the audio (via optical out of the decoder). Sounds brilliant
    No idea how much they have broadcasted though...
  3. ...just the 4 songs...a fine early live EP
  4. I wanted to download video on BBC, but due to be in France its not allowed
  5. Looking forward to it later. A U2 live at the BBC comp similar to REM's recent release would excellent. Followed by a raid on the RTE archive...
  6. It's up now on the 1981-01-23 - Belfast show page / audio tab (but I guess everyone had already figured that one out... )

    Just 4 tracks, so it's basically a little live EP (Belfast 1981 - Live EP)

  7. Excellent performance Bono going on his ear in that Rock star kinda way was cool the stage was tiny but he really made the most of it ,at the time there were a lot of bands who were better than U2 but they didn't have the work ethic or crucially the backing of their record company through the hard times to sustain a long and successful career, even though they were only starting out Bono was the difference between them been a club band for life and a stadium act he really knew how to whip up a crowd and get the audience's attention we've seen him do it so many times at the US festival in 83,Red Rocks and Live Aid.
  8. Think they hadn't got HD cameras in '81
  9. Going to see SLF tonight and tom night at the Glasgow Barrowlands .First time in 36yrs . What a way to spend St Patricks day
  10. so, was this an upgrade to the Betacam master? The stripes were still there, to me it looked more or less the same.
  11. Hi There, could anyone in UK download the video? i would like to get it please...