Joshua Tree Tour 2019
Legs (1): New Zealand, Australia and Asia
Shows: 13
  1. That’d be great. It’s a nice, short, simple song, it’d be easy to use as a breather before something, like how it often preceded Bullet back on Lovetown. Back then it was also a lovely singalong... but that was back then...
  2. Originally posted by Coso:Scratch the opener. Play 30 songs.

    1-5 Mofo in each slot
    6-17 JT
    18 Acrobat
    19 Daddy's Gonna Pay
    20 Discotheque
    21 Your Blue Room
    22 Mofo (Reprise)
    23 Blackout
    24 God pt 2
    25 Helter Skelter
    26 Hawkmoon
    27 Wire
    29 Mofo
    30 Mofo

    Man, add in a couple more Mofos and I'll vote for your setlist, but I'd still like a bit more for one concert !
  3. Listening back to the 2017 tour and getting excited for this next round! The Asian gigs should be something special.