Joshua Tree Tour 2019
Legs (1): New Zealand, Australia and Asia
Shows: 15
  1. Originally posted by LostSailor:Phenomenal band performance but I was so underwhelmed by the visuals for the JT part of the 2017 tour. Perhaps they will change. Especially for Streets sigh.

    Streets was one of highlights of the gig the crowd gasped when the open road comes into focus.
  2. Wonder if they'll use Whole Of The Moon again
  3. It worked really well .
    But they may freshen it up, in fact I think they will.
  4. Where will Patti Smith appear this year?
  5. , if that was the case it would be a very good reason not to arrive at the venue too early.
  6. I’am a little harsh on Patti. If she was to be the support act and didn’t join the band on stage I’d be fine with that really, or even if she joined the band to do an additional non u2song then it would be fine. The Patti performances with u2 just really bother me but then I’m not a fan of anyone joining the band on stage to play one of there songs, I like Eddie Vedder but him joining the band for Mother’s makes that one of my least favourite versions of the song too and he actually sang it well. I want to hear Bono sing the songs, that’s what I’m at the gig for, that’s why I don’t like sing along bits either. (Yes that’s you ISHFWILF and One). I was genuinely delighted to hear Bono singing them both in full at Twickenham in 2017, don’t think I’ll be as lucky in Singapore this time.