Joshua Tree Tour 2019
Legs (1): New Zealand, Australia and Asia
Shows: 15
  1. Weird how these first few boxscores were available 7 weeks ago but the rest haven't been released?
  2. Would have been cool if the opened the encore with the Miracle remix from EI.
  3. I think you need to have a premium membership.

  4. Here are the detailed results
  5. That Saitama gross is crazy, nearly the same amount of money from half the attendance of Singapore...
  6. Is it just me or is the image very blurry?
  7. Tickets were a wild price weren't they?
  8. So basically the only shows that didn’t sell well were Auckland 2 and Adelaide. They still somehow managed to make them LOOK pretty full.
  9. Melbourne was the best attended (~60,000), with the the highest gross sales (US$6.9m) and a second show was highly anticipated but didn't occur. Opportunity missed there I think.