Joshua Tree Tour 2019
Legs (1): New Zealand, Australia and Asia
Shows: 15
  1. Alll gonna be expensive, they're all out of the way so flights are probably all gonna be v expensive, so it'll come down to where the cheapest accomodation, etc which I'm not expert on
  2. if ever there was a tour or a chance for them to play free and loose and off the cuff this tour is it!!! Not only enjoyable for them no doubt, but having NO narrative and NO pressure means they can play freely like never before !!! Lets HOPE to god they DONT play it safe and to a script!!!!
  3. Originally posted by WideAwakeBadBoy:I hope they don't just rehash the exact same set again, I was never a fan of just playing TJT in its entirety one after the other - they should just play a regular set with all TJT songs in it and make it a proper show where we don't know what's coming. In 2017 there were no cool transitions (Pride - Streets is lame), no "show" elements, more just a list of 23 songs - they rely on that a lot more now that they're older and they have to use all their energy to make the sound good rather than being able to focus on the performance. That being said, although I have little hope that it'll be any different from 2017, it was great to see Exit,Trip and OTH - 3 songs I thought I'd never ever see - live, and a U2 show is a U2 show at the end of the day which is amazing! Bring it on!

    I think it’s going to be a case of all the album in order (most likely) or a good chunk of the album spread out, I don’t think it will be the full album mixed around. That’s my guess anyway.
  4. I just bought a house and I'm in full debt. I'll definitely skip this
    Also my husband is kinda sick that we build our vacations around the shows I attend 😂

  5. Give me free beer. Let's do what's right.
  6. When it comes to flights from Europe, it's always good to compare. Both Tokyo and Singapore can be affordable from Europe (500-600 Euros for a return flight.
  7. I have a dilemma of where to go 😅