Joshua Tree Tour 2019
Legs (1): New Zealand, Australia and Asia
Shows: 15
  1. What we know at this point in time, based on the info from the leaked Australian U2 page on Ticketmaster.

    Sales via Ticketek and Ticketmaster
    Some shows (Perth, Melbourne, Auckland) will be sold via Ticketmaster, others through Ticketek. Unknown yet for Asia.

    Pre-sales and sales schedule for Australian Ticketmaster shows
    Red Hill Subscriber Group - Wednesday 22 May 9 and 10 am local time
    Wires Group - Thursday 23 May 9 and 10 am local time
    Live Nation & Stadium Presales - Friday 24 May 11am to 2pm local venue times

    General sale expected Monday 27 May.

    Ticket limits 4 tickets per code for presales.
    Ticket limit 8 tickets per transaction in Live Nation & Stadium presales.

    More info here:

  2. Tokyo will likely be via Ticketpia and Singapore through the stadium's website. There could also be additional ticket outlets for these shows.
  3. Hotel already hooked in Tokyo
  4. Japan is going to be a pain in the ass to get tickets for.
  5. Is it ?
  6. Thanks, booked also Seoul