This topic celebrates a U2 show from the past, the future or just now with social media and live streams. help

We're live on: Sun 30 Jun 19:00 PM UTC
  1. Holy! Ten years?! I had just joined the site and was planning for my 22nd birthday which is on June 30.
  2. Haha, time flies my friend. Nice birthday party
  3. Great concert. Speciallly One! Edge won 't listen..
  4. 5am Monday morning for me. I'm afraid I'll have to pass
  5. You can stop for a second Edge! ......Adam you might join us. It's cool.
  6. Also they screwed up Beautiful Day's ending, and the link up with the ISS
  7. 6 days to go

    It's been a while since I listened to this show actually.