2019-11-08 - Auckland
Tour: Joshua Tree Tour 2019
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  1. Originally posted by podiumboy:[..]
    Hopefully... I gotta say, this is one of the worst selling U2 shows I’ve ever seen, post Popmart. There were a few slow ones in the US in 2017, but even New Orleans ended up with 35,000 on a weeknight eventually!

    I might have posted here before, but I went to the Indianapolis show. I looked at that ticket map everyday, watching all those sections of blue dots, waiting for the price to drop so I could pounce. About a week before the show, several sections went from $150 to $70. I bought 2 tickets in the front row of that section, aisle seats, and it was awesome. It didn’t look good at first, but they sold over 50,000 tickets for that show. Maybe Auckland will have a similar effect, but they have to lower the damned prices!!
    I think NOLA isn’t a great market anyway? The Superdome is a huge venue and The Rolling Stones didn’t sell well there either. Of course they had to reschedule twice.
  2. My advice is to score some below face tickets on StubHub or whatever. (If it’s a thing in NZ?) Touts will be desperate to get rid of them on the day and days before and they would rather make maybe a 50% loss than a 100% loss.

    I remember for like Louisville there were tickets on the day of the show on Stubhub for 15USD. Also the Paris shows in 207 there was GA under face value for maybe 50EUR for ages on a secondary selling site.
  3. Originally posted by Sydney_MIke:Dave, I just checked and for Cat-5 it suggested two in 311-2 of the Victor Trumper Stand. No mention of sight restriction which, if true, makes them a bargain...if you didn't already have tickets of course.
    Yep, they started over at the b-stage side, at the Brewongal Stand, them moved to the other side, the Trumper Stand. Any time they seem to be adding seats (or reducing prices) the site seems to go down for a while, with tickets unavailable in every price category. So that's a good heads up that there will be a drop very soon.

    Was going to get my sister a couple of those cheap tickets, but may wait. As just the back 4 or 5 rows have been reduced to that price. Not sure if it's a good idea to wait, or if I'm being to greedy.
  4. 100 days to go! Happy for all those from NZ going.
  5. Wooo cant wait!
  6. Watching the countdown widget on my phone and excited by this little milestone.
  7. So psyched!!!!
  8. Had to fly to Auckland for work today and was just a little excited by the thought that I will be doing the same trip for more fun reasons in 78 days.
  9. Any ideas what time gates open?