2019-11-08 - Auckland
Tour: Joshua Tree Tour 2019
Songs played: 25
Audio recordings: 0
Videos: 1
  1. So do we start forming the queue now
  2. Ok, and last question: is the ticket link of the mail linked with the individual account?
    "Make sure the unique member ID used is the one provided by email and not your My Ticketmaster password.

    If I click the link in email/account no. 1, do I have to use the code of email/account number 1, or does this not matter?
    Because I did not receive one mail for one account.
  3. Thanks Chrissie
  4. Seat selection terrible as expected.

    Caved in and got gold hot seats.
  5. Big question team, at the moment im planning on red zone for the first night and GA with mates for the 2nd. Reckon its a good idea? what would you guys do? first u2 show so i want to do it right
  6. I would do GA for the first night and Red Zone for the second night (I’m trying to do that in Sydney).
    But the other way round is also good

  7. Seems real now ❤️
  8. the Canadian's are coming for opening night!!! (I know of 11 so far!)