2019-11-08 - Auckland
Tour: Joshua Tree Tour 2019
Songs played: 25
Audio recordings: 0
Videos: 1
  1. Originally posted by PC1979:Thanks for that May have to be a bus then if they put them on especially for the gig. Tommybanny I take it you’re from there. Any recommendations ?
    Yeah the bus leaves from the CBD and information will be available closer to the time on the Auckland transport website I imagine. The train would be a pretty good option too if you don't mind a short walk. From my experience getting BACK to town after the concert is a nightmare and I have usually just taken the hit and jumped in a taxi. If anyone wants to share a taxi out to the concert then let me know as I am sure it will be cheaper for everyone! (I am going with two others).
  2. Yes I would be up for taxi sharing, can sort something near the time.
  3. Any suggestions regarding the touristy side of things? Any must see/do places on the north island?
  4. Loads of stuff to do kevin. My personal favourite is to get out of Auckland if you can and hire a car to go to the Taupo Rotorua areas. Great walks, mountains, rocket boating, bungee jumping, beautiful views, hot pools, geysers...if that's your sort of thing!
  5. Also to people travelling from verseas to the gig, my advice would be to get your accommodation sorted pronto. Prices have gone up significantly for the gigs (as they tend to do!) and pricewise hotels in the CBD are pretty crazy. Look at places like Parnell which are close to the city centre (5-10 mins uber ride) for the best value.
  6. *overseas sorry!
  7. wow, not a single GA was avail when general sale started for me
  8. Sale opened up about a minute early for me and I scored 2 easily
  9. Any thoughts on how soon after the second show will be released and will there be a window for fan club members or will it go straight to a full public sale?
  10. Totally sold out now. Media are reporting 2 mins. Crazy. Think that puts the demand argument to bed.
  11. Are they (LN and U2) going to regret not allowing for more shows. If this level of demand is repeated in Sydney the choice of SCG rather than ANZ will be disastrous.
  12. They might. Seems a daft choice for a venue to be honest.