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Showtime: Tue 12 Nov 11:00 AM UTC
2019-11-12 - Brisbane
Tour: Joshua Tree Tour 2019
Songs played: 25
Audio recordings: 0
  1. Really enjoyed this. The band seemed a lot happier and energised than the JT30 show I saw in LA. Does Adam ever stop smiling?

    Wish I had the money to see more.
  2. I love how these reviews say the flat bit is the happy meal section.... Goes to show how amazing it would be to have done a zoo station, fly, stay horses encore haha but they are playing a stadium after all
  3. Edit: I can't read, & was talking crap.
  4. Did anyone else think Bono lost his voice again during pride?
  5. Yeah, that's a refreshingly honest and open minded review. No hiding his dislike for much of what U2 do and yet he tries to see it through the eyes of a fan and ultimately concedes they're very good in some aspects.

    I may not spend too much time on this but I want to reciprocate his approach and try to understand how he can describe Bad as "bland at best and offensive at worst". How does a non-fan hear my favourite U2 song that way?