2019-11-15 - Melbourne
Tour: Joshua Tree Tour 2019
Songs played: 26
Audio recordings: 1
  1. I am so exciting my first show in Ausie... and or Honeymoon trip
  2. I’m on way down to PJs, not far from Flinder’s Street Station just a 10min walk with the Yarra river next to you (if you get the train). Hope to see some U2starters for the first time
  3. We are sitting on a table
  4. We might drop by after the checkin which is at 10. Hopefully some are still there!
  5. Everyone have fun at the meet-up
  6. What table are you guys on
  7. A back table look for a guy with a white hat
  8. Think I saw you. Long haired guy at the stage front.
  9. Who's in the middle table?